RLX Solar Panel Backpack By Ralph Lauren

There seems to be always a certain divide between fashion and technology. After all, each one may have a different level of consumer taste to cater to. But that does not necessarily mean that both can’t come together to mix up and match. One example may be Ralph Lauren’s entry into tech fashion with its RLX Solar Panel Backpack.

The RLX Solar Panel Backpack features a solar panel embedded into a fashionably designed backpack that can be used to charge mobile devices of the fashionably conscious crowd. The solar panel generates a 3.5 watt current, making it capable of charging mobile phones and even Apple iDevices.

In ideal conditions, it may be able to provide charging power for mobile phones in two to three hours. But it may be a backpack that only the fashion-savvy set may consider to have. The Ralph Lauren RLX Solar Panel Backpack costs US$ 795 to have.

Image Source: Ralph Lauren
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